Boris Kučov


Boris Kučov. 1987 born in Subotica, Serbia. After high school I moved to Budapest, where I spent a year at the Keleti Istvan Art School, and afterwards two years studying and working as an intern actor in the New Theater group. During my years at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, I was one of the actors of the ‘Tanyaszinhaz’ theatre project, which is a “nomadic theatre”, unique in Europe, which spends the summer months going from village to village in Vojvodina, performing a full-production play to the locals.I did my internship at the Theater of Novi Sad. After graduating from the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, I worked one year at the Hungarian Theatre of Zenta (Serbia). For a year I was working as a freelance artist, acting and assisting at several theatres such as the Szabadkai Nepszinhaz (National theatre of Subotica) and the Kosztolanyi Dezso Theatre in Subotica. In the past few years I‘ve been directing annual student-plays for/by high school students. The performances have received awards on theatre reviews throughout Vojvodina, Serbia. A colleague and I have been writing, editing and hosting a radio show that has aired more than 120 episodes since 2014 on the Újvidéki Rádió radio station in Novi Sad, Serbia. Since 2015, when I also started trying myself at playwriting, two of my plays have been put on stage: On the Open Forum of the POSZT Festival in Pécs, Hungary (National Theatre Festival of Pecs) my play entitled “Bánsági szamuráj” (Samuraj from Bansag) won first prize. My second work, “Félelem és reszketés Szabadkán” (Fear and Loathing in Subotica) has also been critically acclaimed and will be performed as rehearsed reading at this year’s Theatre Festival in Pecs. I have been a full-time member of the Kosztolányi Dezső Theatre group since 2015. We have performed at numerous theatre festivals and as guest performers at various theatres in Serbia, Romania, Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Slovenia, Slovakia and Italy.

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